3rd Party Custom Email Specifications

The following guidelines are designed to ensure that your emails are submitted and distibuted efficiently.

To see a copy of these guidelines in pdf format click here.

Creative Materials - Timeline and Submissions


Please reserve your email blasts at least one week before the preferred eblast date.

Creative materials are due 3 days prior to the scheduled eblast date.

Email test(s) are sent to the client within 2 days of the scheduled eblast date.

Client approval is due 1 day prior to the scheduled eblast and should be sent via email to lmoulton@npcomm.com


Image files under 50k may be hosted on NP Communications servers at no charge for a maximum of six (6) months after deployment. A nominal coding charge to update the links may apply.

Creative Materials Submission

Please send creative materials via email to lmoulton@npcomm.com

Creative materials are subject to approval by our List Services Specialist.

Your submitted creative materials are considered a “final version” of the design. Any changes made after the email is tested will delay the final eblast and is subject to a $100/hr production fee.

Email final components should consist of the following:

  1. HTML file built and hosted by the client
  2. Text file for viewers who do not use HTML.
  3. "From" name – we use our email behind your name
  4. Subject Line (maximum 6 words)
  5. Email addresses of people for the “test” email
  6. Postal address of the client (required)
  7. Suppression list (if applicable). We accept Excel, tab or comma delimited file formats.
  8. Email list(s) equaling 5,000 contacts or less are included; Lists above 5,000 contacts will be charged a $100 fee per eblast.


  • Submit a plain text file in a plain text editor for best results. (We prefer files created in Notepad or Notepad ++).
  • Maximum width is 600 pixels; maximum file size is 50k.
  • The supplied HTML file must be provided with absolute references for URLs and images hosted on client’s web server.
  • Please be sure all elements of your third-party eblast design (including the banner/masthead) are part of the email content itself with no "outside" elements.
  • Our email service includes its own “Unsubscribe” and “View this message in your browser” links in the footer of each eblast. Please DO NOT include your own.
  • Custom coding services are available at $100/hr.

We DO NOT accept the following:

warning We DO NOT accept Microsoft Office created HTML documents, jpegs, gifs, psd files or flash as email creative. All content must be converted to an acceptable HTML format and any images hosted before sending.

warningWe DO NOT accept blasts built in other email marketing platforms like Constant Contact.

warning Single image emails (jpg, png, gif) are not accepted for spam purposes.

warning DO NOT include Audio, Java Script or HTML5 coding in the blast. This includes: <!DOCTYPE html>, <VIDEO>, etc.

warning NO background images. They will not display properly in many email clients.

warning We DO NOT recommend using internal nor external Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to design the email. Inline styling will yield the best results. Our email service strips out elements of CSS formatting, rendering your files to look different than intended.

warning Please avoid using nested tags in the supplied HTML document.

Email Testing Practices

warning We will send you a proof of your email blast from our marketing software, Critical Impact. We ask that you whitelist our following domain names to ensure that the blast proof lands in your inbox and does not get blocked by your firewalls:

  • criticalimpact.com
  • clients.criticalimpact.com
  • m1.criticalimpactinc.com
  • npcomm.com

warning We also recommend that you check your spam folders soon after the blast proof is sent to you. Thank you for your cooperation.

Email Best Practices

warning Simple is better. Remember, this is an email, not a flyer or print ad. Try to keep important information at the top of the email, as many visitors will not take the time to scroll down.

warning Use HTML tables instead of div tags in building the blast. Div tag layering will not render properly in a number of email clients, including Outlook.

warningFor blasts that contain special characters, such as bullets, copyright, and registration symbols, we prefer you use HTML ASCII codes. Third party blasts built using web development programs on a different OS, such as Mac, may not render special characters properly on MS Windows. www.ascii.cl/htmlcodes.htm

warning Limit the number of clickable links.

warning Include a call to action and link to your web site. (NP Communications recommends that address is linked to a Capture Page to collect visitor information.)

warning HTML emails with text and graphics should have at least 70% of the email as text and not be designed as part of the graphics.

warning Avoid using multiple fonts and sizes. Choose common system fonts to ensure your design maintains maximum consistency.

Coordination questions: Laura Moulton - lmoulton@npcomm.com - 941.388.7050 x110

Creative materials questions: Mary Haberstroh - mhaberstroh@npcomm.com - 941.388.7050 x103

Updated April 2018.